Your MSBBC&S Alumni Association is organized to:

  • provide an opportunity for continued fellowship and closer relationships among students, faculty, alumni and friends;  Got to Events
  • promote the interest and welfare of the College and Seminary and the furtherance of biblical education; Go to college/seminary.
  • Provide financial support in the area of fundraising/giving, and marketing of Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary


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3 Reasons to Join

Continued fellowship & closer relationships with classmates, teachers & faculty
Promote the interest & welfare of MSBBC&S and the furtherance of biblical education`
Provide financial support to the College & Seminary

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Your 2018 - 2020 Alumni Association Board of Directors

  • President
  • VP Administration
  • VP Fundraising – Vacant
  • Recording Secretary
  • Correspondence Secretary
  • Historian
  • Chaplain
  • Treasurer
  • Minister Patricia Jones
  •  Vacant
  • Rev. Patricia Howard-Chittams
  • Dr. Jerry Jones
  • Min. Barbara Jackson
  • Mr. Darren Jones
  • Mrs. Lucy Knight
  • Mrs. Sheila Pitts

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Association Vision and Officers

To strengthen, brand and position the Association to better serve, undergird, and support the Institution and better connect and engage the alumni.


Thank you officers, past and present …

  • Dr. Caretha F. Crawford, President
  • Dr. Jerry Jones, VP of Administration
  • Dr. Jesse Clay, VP of Fundraising
  • First Lady Patricia Jones, Treasurer
  • Min. Karen O. Morgan, Recording Secretary
  • Tommy Jordan, Chaplain
  • Reverend Lynda Brown-Hall, Past President

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